ScoringPets Sample ID Cards

With ScoringPets ID card's you have no trouble providing proof of ownership, vacination records, and RFID - Tag Identification.

ScoringPets ID card's are great for Pet Clubs, Kennels, Shows, Veterinarians, Shelters or City or County Governments.

Pet ID Cards for Pet Identity, travel, shows and exhibitions ScoringPets uses the ScoringSystem patented Barcode System to verify the data on the ID Card with the data in the database

No counterfeiting possible

ID Cards with barcodes can be printed directly from the pets web page

ID Cards can be used to run a complete pet show with awards and placings

Breeders, Shelters, Pet stores and Veterinarians can use the ID card´s back side for Discounts and Promotions


Dog's ID Card Sample Front

Dog's ID Card Sample Back

(with Magnetic Strip and barcode)

Cat's ID Card Sample Front

Cat's ID Card Sample Back

(with Magnetic Strip and barcode)

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